Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Facebook no longer interests me.

Which is an extraordinary thing.

I use to be able to do something meaningless for hours at a time- Facebook. The Sims, TV.

Nope; not anymore.

These days my schedule is full of wedding planning [MoH] online courses, hanging with high school friends, Aidan, kiddie camp, theatre in general, life planning, job hunting, more theatre stuff, more life planning, Kathleen and Emily, and living in a completely different time zone than my parents- i.e., it's almost two in the morning.

I did lots of these things today; hanging with Aidan, camp staff meeting, MoH stuff, hanging in the park, and back to Aidan. Ice cream and riding in a convertible made their way into there somehow as well.

I can't complain about life right now.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I'm thankful for.

It's still November, so I can still post this, right? Right.

I spent the long weekend surrounded by friends and family. All was good.
My life certainly has its "downs," but I'm thankful for lots of things.

Chips Ahoy.
My mom's cooking.
Macaroni and Cheese.

Paula and Kathleen.
Jaye and Shelby.
The Schaefer's.
Dillon, Max, Kevin, and Wednesday's.

The theatre.
Thespis' existence.
Being able to pretend.

Bowling For Soup.
My trumpet.
Taylor Swift.

Jen's personality.
Hyun's class.
Smith's witty comments.

Hot chocolate.
Hanging Christmas lights in a dorm room.
Meeting new people.
Being happy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I just deleted all my old posts. Yeah.

I felt like starting over. Actually, I was going to do this in August, but never got around to it. So here we are :)